Boys of Bluehill/The Stack of Wheat
Pat Roche's Harp and Shamrock Orchestra
Tarbolton, The Longford Collector, The Sailor's Bonnet
Michael Coleman
Rare Old Irish Whiskey
John McGettigan & His Irish Minstrels
Bank of Ireland/Wind That Shakes the Barley
Maurice McSweeney's Stars of Munster
Hugh Gillespie
The Chicago Reel
Edward Mullaney & Patrick Stack
The Rose of Tralee
John McCormack
Tickling Mary Jane
Murty Rabbett & His Gaelic Band
(My favorite version of) Finnegan's Wake
The Tossers
My Irish Molly-O
The Flanagan Brothers
None of these bands were influenced by Horslips -- with the possible exception of The Tossers, but I need to ask to know for certain  -- and although their songs are in public domain, these recordings may not be as lucky. This page was prepared for friends and family and all files will be removed on March 19th. What I suggest is this: go find a young, struggling band playing somewhere with a cover charge of $5 to $10 USD and sit down and listen to their music and buy their CD between the sets, buy them a round between the sets, buy yourself a round between the sets, but above all:  tell them that you enjoyed the show.
Two more pieces of
Scanned from a private collection
Scanned from a private collection
Scanned from a private collection